Coca-Cola needs a solution for the administration of more than 54,000 campaign images. The solution needs to be flexible and global. The fast location of images is just as important as a workflow based on rights, which allows the specific sending and downloading of data.

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The search was a huge challenge. For example, the search should allow results to be filtered according to sporting event, ethnic groups and age groups. The system had to be able to combine the following criteria: give me all the images from the environment of a football stadium, which show several Asian persons aged between 21 and 24 and who drink from a Coca-Cola Zero can. Coca-Cola uses the campaign images worldwide. That is why the access rights need to be adjusted flexibly and restricted in time. For this purpose, the tool has a flexible rights management, which regulates access securely and reliably. No matter whether group access or a still valid link, the tool can manage it all.

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