Witzig The Office Company, the leading provider of modern office furnishings also presents a cutting-edge self-image in the Net.

A myriad of clicks until finding relevant contents are a thing of the past, as is the unavoidable search and assignment of an article in a single navigation point. How so? Thanks to our posting engine, which captures each article as single post and catalogues it.

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In particular in the case of pages with lots of contents, our innovative solution offers a measurable advantage: the homepage functions as dashboard, a kind of individually generated pin-board. Because the user reaches the desired contents much faster this way, the bounce rate reduces clearly. Proof of this is provided by the current figures from Google Analytics: in the first month after the Go Live, it was possible to reduce the bounce rate by 30%. Adding new contents is also no longer a lengthy process in the posting engine CMS system: a post can be provided with pictures or documents via drag&drop and assigned to several tags.

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