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Service Levels Deep Impact

Availability Mo – Fr Availability SA+SU(4) Reaction Time
Time To Solution (3)
Contact Person Hourly rate Cost per month
Critical (1) Normal (2) Critical (1) Normal (2) für Change Requests
No SLA 9-12, 13-17 n/a Best effort Best effort Best effort Best effort Support 200 0.00
Silver SLA 9-12, 13-17 n/a N1B N3B N3B Best effort Support 180 500,00
Gold SLA 8-18 n/a 6h N2B N1B N5B SPOC 170 2.000,00
Platinum SLA 24h Always available 2h 1B 8h N2B SPOC 160 18.000,00
  1. Business-critical: Critical processes are no longer running on the platform. This means that data can no longer be queried or entered.
  2. Normal materiality: Adjustments or functional errors that do not affect the basic functionality of the platform. This means, for example, that only data from individual customers cannot be queried or changed.
  3. Time until a solution or workaround can be delivered
  4. Weekend assignments are possible by prior arrangement and will be charged separately due to the extraordinary nature of the assignment.