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  • Digital Guide into the Future.

    Digitalization of your business through innovative software solutions, cloud integrations, AI applications, and effective design sprints.

  • Code of the Future.

    Create innovative software solutions.

  • AI: The Next Level

    Integrate AI with Your Business

  • Unlocking the Potential of the Cloud.

    Achieve Flexibility & Scalability.

  • Sprint to Success.

    Accelerate Product Development.

Deep Impact specializes in digital transformation: from custom software solutions to AI integration, cloud services, and innovative design sprints.

Software Development

Precise software solutions that drive your business forward.

More about Software Development

AI Integration

AI: Your new trailblazer for groundbreaking innovations.”

More about AI Integration

Cloud Services

Cloud services that guarantee scalability and security.

More about Cloud Services

Design Sprints

From ideas to solutions in record time with Design Sprints.

More about Design Sprints

11 Years of experience

We help you to get rid of technological burdens. Follow our transformation path. Three steps to success.

Learn more about our transformation path


Establish digital readiness

Our goal is to create a solid digital foundation for your company that not only meets current requirements but also enables future innovations.



Scale and expand capabilities

We support you in expanding your digital capabilities and ensuring sustainable growth.



Leading with cutting-edge technology

Our focus is on leading your company to the forefront of innovation through the use of advanced technologies.

Case Studies

Learn more about our projects and how we have implemented our various services in practice.

Mobile ID – A milestone for secure digital authentication

Valiant Bank & Deep Impact AG – Small changes with a big impact

AVA-X – A revolution in security and access control through facial recognition technology

AMAG – A digital revolution for over 600 dealer websites

Digitalization in the building materials sector through for Holcim

We love technology.

Interested in collaboration? Contact us for inquiries and partnerships at

Recent articles on various topics from Deep Impact’s over 10-year history.