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Deep Impact Ventures

Pioneers of the digital future. From idea to market success.

Deep Impact actively shapes the digital future through its own ventures. With technical know-how and visionary thinking, we transform innovative ideas into successful digital companies.

AVA-X: Pioneer in AI-based security and data analysis.

AVA-X develops cutting-edge AI products: Sentinel ACCESS for advanced facial recognition and access control, Sentinel INVESTIGATION for essential facial recognition, and Heliospan for deep natural language processing. Our solutions, characterized by Swiss precision, meet cross-industry requirements from security to sports to humanitarian efforts. Sentinel ACCESS offers biometric access control, Sentinel INVESTIGATION assists law enforcement in investigations, and Heliospan masters the analysis of unstructured data sets with advanced NLP technology.

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B2B news platforms

Winsider operates various B2B news portals for various industries Inside IT for the ICT industry and Konsider, the Swiss portal for professionals in the consumer consumer world.

Cloud-ERP innovation for the food industry

Deepico revolutionizes the food industry with cloud ERP solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. Our technology addresses not only digital transformation but also focuses on sustainability and reducing food waste to create a responsible future.

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Spectra makes online publishing even easier and faster. The dynamic organization of content enables a novel customer experience. Thanks to intuitive operation and a differentiated paywall, Spectra is the future of online publishing.

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eSports Technology GmbH

State-of-the-art E-Gaming platforms

With eSports Technology, we develop various platforms and games in the rapidly growing eSports sector. Our initial projects include the further development of the “Gameturnier” platform and the smartphone app Freekickerz.

Investor Relations

Exciting investment opportunities.

Are you interested in further information about our ventures? Contact our CEO, Christian Fehrlin!