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Pioneers in software development, AI integration, and cloud migration.

We stand at the intersection of vision and technology. Our vision is to conquer the digital world with our clients.

Comprehensive Solutions for Digital Excellence

We combine technical excellence with innovation. Our mission is to actively shape the digital future of our clients and lead them to success through first-class software development, AI integration, and cloud migration.

Christian Fehrlin
CEO & Founder

Innovative Mindset: Expanding Boundaries

Deep Impact AG stands for pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. For almost a decade, we have been pioneers in AI technology and live by the motto ‘We get things done’. Our own ventures impressively demonstrate how we effectively merge business and technology. This success is based on a mindset that fosters innovation and continually seeks new opportunities to shape the digital landscape.

11 Years of experience

Technology is our passion.


Software Development and AI: Driving the Digital Revolution

At Deep Impact, we combine the precision of software development with the innovative power of artificial intelligence to propel your company forward in digital transformation. Our customized solutions, shaped by technical expertise and creative innovation, ensure the agility, scalability, and future-proofing of your applications. At the same time, we unlock new opportunities for process automation and decision-making with advanced AI, increasing efficiency and creating sustainable competitive advantages.

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Consulting and Digital Transformation: Navigators of Change

We lead the way in consulting and digital transformation by combining strategic insights with actionable solutions to guide your company through the digital age. Our consulting expertise focuses on strengthening your business model, maximizing operational efficiency, and seamlessly integrating innovative technologies. We assist you in developing and implementing digital strategies that not only address today’s challenges but also unlock future business opportunities to ensure long-term success.

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Ventures by Deep Impact: Pioneers of Innovation

Deep Impact pushes the boundaries of technology and business innovation through our ventures. Each venture embodies our commitment to develop groundbreaking solutions that change industries. With a strong focus on software development, AI integration, and digital transformation, we create platforms that enhance efficiency, unlock new markets, and deliver real value for our customers. Our ventures are the result of intensive research and development, combined with the practical application of cutting-edge technologies, to effect sustainable and disruptive changes in the digital landscape.

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  • Software Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Design Sprints
  • Idea Generation
  • Development of Digital Solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Project Implementation and Market Launch
  • Consulting


Wins Gold at Best of Swiss Web 2019

Our Team:
The Heart of Innovation

The team at Deep Impact AG brings together outstanding expertise in project management (PM) and product management (PO), software development, UI/UX design, artificial intelligence, and strategic consulting. Our experts are more than just employees; they are innovators who expand the boundaries of what’s possible with passion and dedication.

Christian Fehrlin

CEO & Founder

Manuela Hug


Manuel Graber



Behind the Scenes

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