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Design sprints: From the idea to the tested prototype in just 4 days.

Solve complex digital problems in just 4 days with our design sprints. Impact guaranteed.

Now with an improved formula. 

At Deep Impact, we have not only adapted Google’s Design Sprint approach, but have developed it further to master complex digital challenges in a tight timeframe of just four days. Our customized design sprints are intensive workshops designed to take teams from initial idea to concrete solution quickly through a creative process. We combine strategic thinking with rapid implementation, because our team not only brings specialist knowledge, but also a deep entrepreneurial passion for digital business.

What you can expect:

Day 1: Understand & Define – We delve deep into your problem, define the core challenge, and set the goals for the sprint.

Day 2: Ideate & Decide – Our team develops a range of solution approaches and selects the most promising ideas.

Day 3: Prototype – We build a functional prototype that represents our selected solution.

Day 4: Testing – The prototype is presented to real users to gather valuable feedback and insights into the user experience.

Your benefit:

Rapid Solution Finding – Overcome stagnation and achieve tangible results in just four days.

User-Centered Solutions – Develop products that are truly tailored to the needs of your users.

Risk Minimization – Test ideas before investing in full-scale developments.

Promotion of Teamwork – Strengthen your team through shared learning and creative collaboration.

Who are Design Sprints suitable for?

Our Design Sprints are ideal for companies, start-ups and teams facing digital challenges and looking for an efficient way to quickly develop innovative solutions. Whether you’re designing a new product, improving an existing solution or validating a business idea, our design sprints provide the framework you need to succeed.

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