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Rupert: Revolutionising collaboration in the creative and fashion industries

The digital turnaround in the creative industry

Rupert is the answer to the digital challenges in the creative and fashion industry. Developed specifically for this sector, our platform bundles all the necessary modules for efficient planning and execution of production processes – from job creation to final invoicing. Rupert seamlessly coordinates the collaboration of all parties involved in a project to optimise and simplify production processes.

Challenges of traditional production processes

Traditionally, organising a production, such as a photo shoot, is a complex and time-consuming process. Agents often have to painstakingly coordinate various parties involved – from the studio to photographers, models, make-up artists and technicians – over the phone. Postponements and subsequent invoicing lead to additional work.

The solution: Rupert

With Rupert, we have fundamentally simplified these processes. Our platform enables:

  • Efficient management of customer data and resources: management of internal and external stakeholders as well as production data.
  • Dynamic planning: recording of budgets, planning of resources and automatic notifications of changes.
  • Digital call sheets and budget control: Online availability replaces the traditional call sheet and enables precise budget monitoring.
  • Automated billing: Simplified invoicing for all services.

Photographers and models can enter their availability online and changes are communicated automatically, making the traditional call sheet obsolete.

Efficiency and control for the fashion industry

Rupert significantly increases the efficiency of the industry and gives clients improved control over budgets, schedules and resources. The digitalisation of production processes not only saves time, but also optimises collaboration between all stakeholders.

Discover Rupert – the collaboration platform designed specifically for the needs of the creative and fashion industry to drive the digital transformation of this industry.