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Why full remote work and offshore are a no-go for us

Full remote work sounds tempting, but is often an illusion. Teamwork and direct collaboration are essential for complex technological excellence. Here’s why we’re not jumping on the remote bandwagon.

Collaboration is the key

At Deep Impact AG, we value the physical proximity of our team. Working together in the same space encourages spontaneous creativity and direct communication, which are essential for our complex projects. While remote work works for simple and repetitive tasks, its limitations quickly become apparent for demanding projects.

The reality of remote working

Our team has the freedom to work remotely 28 days a year. This works great for standardised tasks. But when it comes to innovative research and technological breakthroughs, remote working becomes a brake. The necessary collaboration and immediate problem solving are simply not possible.

Technological excellence requires presence

Our work is characterised by extremely complex and technically demanding challenges. To push the boundaries of what is possible, we need to collaborate directly and closely. The nuances and details that characterise our projects require the direct exchange that only personal collaboration can provide.

Working from home: a question of concentration

Of course we allow people to work from home if they can concentrate on their work. However, the current studies that claim that working from home is more productive are incomprehensible to us. Our experience shows that personal interaction and direct feedback within the team are essential to achieve the best results.

The limits of remote working

Simple and repetitive tasks can be done well remotely. But when it comes to complex work and research, we quickly reach the limits of what is possible. Direct collaboration and the exchange of ideas in real time are crucial for developing innovative solutions and overcoming technical challenges.

Our focus on face-to-face work

Our projects require a high level of communication and collaboration. In an environment where technological excellence is the goal, it is essential that our team works closely together. Being physically present enables us to respond quickly to problems, develop solutions together and achieve our goals efficiently.

Conclusion: physical presence is the key to success

We stand by our decision to forego full remote work and offshore. For us, physical collaboration is the key to outstanding performance and technological innovation. This is the only way we can ensure that we achieve our ambitious goals and remain at the forefront of technological development.

Full remote work and offshore may work in some industries, but they are not an option for us. The challenges we face require close collaboration and the direct exchange that only face-to-face presence can provide. This keeps our team strong and innovative, ready to keep pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible.