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Why we rely on a robust IT infrastructure: Insights into our strategy

As a small company based in Winterthur, Deep Impact understands how crucial a reliable IT infrastructure is for success in the digital world. Here we provide insights into why our IT infrastructure plays a key role.

Use of modern technologies

Even as a small company, we rely on modern, scalable technologies that enable us to react agilely and efficiently. Our IT infrastructure may not be the largest, but it is powerful and state-of-the-art. This allows us to respond quickly to customer requirements and manage our resources efficiently.

As we have been operating our solutions in the public cloud for over ten years, we can benefit from our experience. It is central to our strategy to rely on managed services wherever possible and sensible. This allows us to utilise our resources efficiently and focus on our core business.

Focus on security

Data security is a top priority for us. We utilise advanced security measures and technologies to protect our customers’ data. This includes everything from data encryption to regular security audits to ensure that we always offer the best protection.

Reliability by reducing complexity

We understand that even small businesses need robust solutions to ensure business continuity.

Of course, we take precautions by operating redundant systems and making secure backups. But at least as important is active prevention to minimise the likelihood of failure. We do this by actively managing and reducing the complexity of the infrastructure. The infrastructure must meet the non-functional requirements of the solution and not be unnecessarily complex. The fewer ‘moving’ parts a solution requires, the lower the maintenance effort and the less frequently one of the parts fails.

Agile management practices

Our IT is managed in an agile way, which allows us to react quickly to changes and new requirements. The use of DevOps practices helps us to constantly optimise our processes and make them efficient.


For Deep Impact, a strong IT infrastructure means that we can think and act big as a small team. It enables us to offer innovative solutions and strengthen our competitiveness while utilising our resources efficiently and providing our customers with first-class service.