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Wine, design and AI: try out our new GPTs

For a few weeks (or months?) now, you have been able to create your own GPTs. And all of a sudden, Conversational UI has become really good. Open AI is also showing the way here.

In any case, I wanted to combine leisure, hobby and work, so I quickly created two GPTs. One for wine (which wine goes with my food) and then one for design sprint moderators (how do I best prepare a design sprint).

The challenge in developing your own GPTs lies not only in the technology, but above all in building up knowledge. It’s one thing to feed an AI with general knowledge, but quite another to teach it to understand the nuances of a well-structured design sprint or to recognise the subtle notes in a Barolo. And I’m still practising there too 🙂

The question is, will these GPTs not only be able to advise in the future, but also take on tasks autonomously? Will the most popular GPTs be financed by advertising in the future?

I invite you to try out my GPTs on wine and design sprints for yourself. By the way, in case you might be having salmon pasta soon, here’s the answer from my Wine Expert GPT (you need the Pro version, sorry).

Click here for the two GPTs (unfortunately only possible with ChatGPT plus):