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“Artificial intelligence will transform companies very quickly” Thoughts from Manuel Graber, CTO

Manuel Graber discusses how AI is revolutionising companies, from process optimisation to opening up new markets. Discover why digital transformation is inevitable and how Deep Impact is leading the way with AI-powered innovation.

Why does a company need digital transformation?

Manuel: There are various reasons why a company needs it. For example, maintaining competitiveness by optimising processes. Another example is tapping into new markets and customer groups. An important reason for digital transformation is, of course, the realisation that physical services are being replaced and substituted by digital ones.

At the moment, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). How will it change the digital transformation?

It may sound hard to imagine today, but AI will simply take over the digital transformation and large parts of business processes.

Here is an example of digital transformation using an ERP.

I see the danger for companies in not recognising quickly enough how far-reaching and rapid the changes brought about by AI will be.

What would be a good plan to ensure that my company doesn’t fall behind?

The first thing to realise is that there is no way around it. The digital transformation with artificial intelligence is coming – for sure. Do a thought experiment and imagine how your business could be massively simplified. That’s exactly what will happen, or something very similar.

For the plan in question, I would suggest three steps.

  • Try out AI tools, look at the possibilities, exchange ideas within the company, be on the ball yourself.
  • Examine the impact on your own business and develop ideas about where the benefits will materialise immediately. This should be worked out as a team.
  • I would start the implementation of solutions by weighing up the risks and benefits. The first step is to tackle projects with major benefits and low risk. Then it is important to choose a “step by step” procedure for further developments. This ensures that the organisation is not overloaded.

How does Deep Impact support the digital transformation of companies using artificial intelligence?

As we have been developing and implementing artificial intelligence for years, we have the technical expertise, broad experience and resources that we can make available to our customers.

We can carry out a design sprint as well as support and drive forward a comprehensive transformation project. This involves technological expertise, but also the knowledge of how to conduct change management in such a way that the company really moves forward.

Interview: Matthias Müller

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