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The race against technology: survival strategies in the age of AI

As the AI revolution continues, many companies are faced with a weighty decision: move away from outdated technologies or risk being left behind in the digital landscape. The urgency to act now is greater than ever.

Technological legacy and its consequences

We are living in an era in which artificial intelligence (AI) is rewriting the rules of the business world. For companies that are still based on outdated technologies, this poses a crucial challenge. This “technology legacy” is not only an obstacle to efficiency and innovation, but also jeopardises long-term competitiveness.

The complexity of outdated systems

The problem of technology legacy is complex. It includes outdated software and hardware systems, outdated business processes and an often hesitant attitude towards technological innovations. These outdated systems are not only inefficient, but also inadequate to support the data analyses and automation processes made possible by AI. Companies that persist with such systems find themselves in a state where they can neither meet today’s market demands nor are able to fully utilise the benefits of AI.

Innovation through AI: A new era of business

The AI revolution is bringing with it a range of innovations, from automated decision-making processes to improved customer interactions through personalised services. Companies that fail to adapt to this new reality risk not only falling behind their competitors, but also losing relevance in the market.

Deep Impact and AVA-X: partners for the future

In this environment, the role of Deep Impact, supported by its own venture AVA-X, is becoming increasingly important. AVA-X has been intensively involved in the development and implementation of AI technologies since 2017. This expertise is used to advise and support companies that want to modernise their technological basis and adapt it to the requirements of the digital age.

Together towards a technologically advanced future

By combining Deep Impact’s comprehensive understanding of digital transformation with AVA-X’s specialised AI expertise, we can help companies make the transition to modern, AI-enabled systems. Our goal is not only to lead these companies out of technological stagnation, but also to enable them to take full advantage of AI and thus sustainably strengthen their competitive position.