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Mobile ID: Authentication via SIM card

Innovation in digital identity management: Mobile ID

Mobile ID is revolutionising the way users authenticate themselves online – a service supported by all Swiss telecommunications providers. As a secure and simple solution, Mobile ID enables access to various web services without the need for additional software or memorising passwords.

Despite its innovative features, Mobile ID was unknown to many users. After its introduction by Swisscom, the service was accessible to all providers via the SIM card, but there was a lack of partners who integrated Mobile ID as an additional security measure, as well as a lack of general awareness.

To address these challenges, Deep Impact positioned Mobile ID as an independent brand and launched a dedicated website. The communication aimed to present the benefits of Mobile ID in a clear and understandable way and to simplify activation for users of all telecoms providers.

The repositioning and the clear communication strategy led to a significant increase in activations – these increased fivefold. In addition, various implementation partners now use Mobile ID as a service, which significantly increased the reach and awareness of the service.

Contribution of Deep Impact:
Deep Impact was responsible for the creation of the new brand, the concept, web design and technical implementation of the platform. In addition, our digital marketing played a crucial role in marketing the brand to increase the visibility and acceptance of Mobile ID.

This case study impressively demonstrates how strategic rebranding and effective communication can successfully establish a technological solution on the market and significantly increase its utilisation.