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How BANK-now increased sales through digital transformation

Optimisation of online processes as a sales driver

In the digital era, optimised online business processes are crucial to a company’s success. Deep Impact uses its extensive experience and continuous analysis to constantly improve our clients’ web presence and significantly increase their turnover.

The challenge at BANK-now

As part of the renowned Credit Suisse Group and a leading provider of personal loans and leasing solutions, BANK-now was faced with the challenge of optimising the online loan application process. This process was particularly complex due to strict FINMA regulations and extensive legal requirements. The website not only had to provide comprehensive information, it also had to be seamlessly integrated into the bank’s existing IT infrastructure.

Innovative solutions

Deep Impact relied on A/B tests to continuously optimise the website’s user-friendliness. In addition, we developed informative content elements that provide information: they explain how loans work in Switzerland and when it makes sense to take them out. This strategy not only improved the usability of the website, but also ensured that the information was presented in a clear and understandable way.

Measurable success

Within two years, we managed to significantly increase the conversion rate. Thanks to targeted digital marketing measures, we were also able to reach a new target group that was previously not online-savvy. These successes confirm the effectiveness of our optimisation strategies and the role of digital innovations in increasing sales.

The contribution of Deep Impact

Our contribution included consulting, strategy and concept development, design, technical implementation and digital marketing, including A/B testing. Working closely with BANK-now enabled us to develop an online process that significantly increased sales and customer loyalty.

This case study illustrates how strategic online optimisation and the use of digital marketing techniques can deliver significant improvements in customer conversion and sales growth, even in regulated industries.