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Research and development with AVA-X

Innovative AI research for more accessible content

At Deep Impact, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our dedicated research and development team explores the most advanced machine learning techniques to develop intelligent solutions that make content more accessible. Our research findings flow directly into our products so that customers benefit directly from the latest developments.

Excellence in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Computer vision and facial recognition: we are the world leader in facial recognition, with a 99.46% hit rate in the Labeled Faces in the Wild benchmark, on par with Google and Microsoft algorithms. Our Face Match technology, used in our Gemini product, enables efficient digital onboarding for financial service providers.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): In the area of NLP, we develop technologies that improve the processing and understanding of natural language. Our solutions classify content and place it in a relevant context, which is used in particular in our real-time intelligence service tool Virgo and the Spectra platform.

Application areas of our AI technologies:

Virgo: A service tool that visualises data from the deep and darknet and puts it into a meaningful context.
Spectra: A platform that uses AI to automate and simplify the navigation and organisation of extensive content.

Research contracts and accelerator programme:

As part of our Accelerator Programme, we are committed to solving complex problems in areas such as Big Data, Identification, Data Mining and Language Processing. We invite companies to get in touch with us if they have research projects that our team can support.

Get in touch with us:

If you are at the forefront of technological innovation and would like to benefit from our AI-based solutions, contact us. Together we can overcome the challenges of the digital world and create solutions that make a real difference.