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Medinside: The leading news platform for the Swiss healthcare sector

An indispensable tool for healthcare professionals

Medinside serves as a central source of information for over 500,000 healthcare professionals in Switzerland. The platform provides its users with the latest news, in-depth background reports from hospitals and surgeries, health policy developments, e-health innovations, insights into everyday working life and personnel news. The aim of Medinside is to provide professionals with a quick overview of current industry trends.

Rapid rise to number 1

In just three years, Medinside has become the largest news platform for the healthcare industry in Switzerland. This impressive growth is the result of the collaboration between Deep Impact, journalists Ralph Pöhner and Corinne Amacher and publishing expert Sari Bauer.

Technical excellence with Spectra

Spectra serves as the technological basis, which not only provides a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS), but also enables social functions such as following, commenting and much more. These functions enrich the platform and promote interaction between users.

Deep Impact: More than just a shareholder

As the majority shareholder of Winsider AG, Deep Impact plays a key role in Medinside. The company is responsible for the overall concept, web design, technical implementation and digital marketing of the platform. This holistic involvement reflects Deep Impact’s commitment to creating innovative and valuable digital solutions for the healthcare sector.

Medinside exemplifies the successful combination of professional expertise and technological innovation to create a platform that meets and shapes the needs of the healthcare industry in Switzerland.

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