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Deal Estate: Revolution in the property market for institutional investors

Innovative online platform transforms property transactions

Deal Estate, a dynamic start-up, is at the forefront of innovation in the property market. It presents an online platform specifically designed to make it easier for institutional investors to buy property. From the initial non-binding offer (NBO) to the binding offer (BO) to the auction, Deal Estate simplifies the entire transaction process.

Challenge: Complexity of high-value property transactions

The sale of properties, especially those worth over 10 million Swiss francs, is a complex process that involves numerous steps – from the preparation of the sales documentation and the invitation process to the dispatch of documents and various stages of the sale. Traditionally, this process is coordinated by a broker.

Solution: Digital transformation with Spectra

With the technological support of Spectra, Deep Impact has developed a platform for Deal Estate that digitises all processes and eliminates the need for a broker. After an intensive concept phase, a prototype was created that comprehensively optimises the sales process. Sellers can now register their properties themselves, manage and approve all relevant documents, create both non-binding and binding offers and hold auctions.

Contribution from Deep Impact

Deep Impact was responsible for the development of the concept, the new corporate identity/corporate design (CI/CD), the web design and the technical implementation of the platform based on Spectra. This holistic solution demonstrates how the use of modern technologies can not only simplify the property sales process, but also make it more transparent and efficient.


Deal Estate represents a significant step forward in the way institutional property investments are handled. By digitising the entire transaction process, the platform offers an efficient, secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional brokerage. With Deal Estate, institutional investors are just a few clicks away from completing complex property transactions – a true innovation in the property industry.