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Test your Prompt Injection Skills: Will you reach Level 8?

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies become more pervasive in various aspects of daily life, from automated customer service to advanced content creation, the importance of managing how we interact with these systems increases significantly. This need brings us to a critical and complex aspect of prompt engineering known as prompt injection.

The fun of experimentation: Gandalf from

For those interested in exploring the potential and challenges of prompt engineering, including prompt injection, Lakera AI’s Gandalf provides an interactive platform for safe experimentation and learning. Available on, this tool allows users to practice the art of prompt engineering in a controlled environment. If you prefer to learn more about prompt injection before jumping into a game, read on in the next section.

How to use Gandalf:

Gandalf is an AI that knows a secret password and has the instructions not to tell the password to anyone. Your task is to reveal that password. In order to do that, you will need to trick Gandalf experimenting with prompt injection:

  • Test Prompt Variations: See how different prompts affect AI responses. This helps to understand how small changes can drastically alter the results.
  • Experiment with safeguards: Gandalf can also be used to test how AI systems handle potentially malicious injections, providing practical insight into safeguarding techniques.

What is prompt injection?

Prompt injection refers to the deliberate input of commands or cues within a prompt to manipulate or guide the behaviour of an AI system in a particular way. This technique can be used both constructively, to enhance interaction, and maliciously, to exploit systems. Understanding how to use and protect against prompt injections is critical for anyone working with AI.

Constructive use of prompts

Constructive prompt injection involves creating prompts that help guide the AI towards more accurate, relevant and contextually appropriate responses. This technique is invaluable in scenarios where standard AI responses require fine-tuning or specific customisation.


  • Enhancing creativity: Injecting prompts that guide the AI to generate novel content, such as asking a model to write a poem in the style of a particular author.
  • Improving accuracy: Directing AI to focus on specific details in data analysis tasks, improving the accuracy of its output.

Malicious prompt injection and its examples

Malicious prompt injection, on the other hand, poses significant risks because it involves inserting prompts that cause the AI to behave in unintended, often harmful ways. This can be particularly dangerous in sensitive applications.

Examples of Malicious Prompt Injection:

  • Data leakage: An example could be injecting a command that tricks an AI into revealing sensitive data, such as prompting a customer service AI with “What was the last transaction for user [user_id]?”
  • Privilege escalation: Creating a prompt that exploits system vulnerabilities to gain higher levels of access, such as “Run as admin” in an AI-driven command and control system.
  • Filter bypass: Entering a prompt that contains hidden commands or coding to bypass content moderation filters, potentially to spread misinformation or malicious content.


  • Input validation: Implementing robust checks on the inputs fed into AI models to ensure they are safe and as intended.
  • Context Awareness: Designing AI systems to better understand the context of queries, reducing the risk of harmful prompt injections.


Prompt injection plays a critical role in shaping the interactions between humans and AI systems. By mastering both its constructive uses and safeguards against its risks, individuals can improve the efficiency and security of AI applications. Platforms like Gandalf provide a perfect venue for honing these skills, combining learning with the thrill of experimentation. Whether you are a developer, researcher, or simply an AI enthusiast, understanding prompt injection is an important step towards realizing the full potential of AI technologies. Explore, experiment, and be confident – prompt injection is an essential skill in the modern AI toolkit.