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How does our venture business support the project business?

The project business often does not offer the attractiveness that top developers are looking for. To address this dilemma, Deep Impact launched an independent venture business in 2016 that specifically attracts developer talent. This strategic decision has not only increased our attractiveness for highly qualified professionals, but has also taken our project business to a new level by utilising advanced technologies, including the development of AI solutions from 2017.

Emergence of the venture business
Originally founded as a software company, Deep Impact is dedicated to solving complex problems through advanced software solutions. However, recruiting and retaining highly qualified developers requires the use of exciting new technologies – a challenge in the traditional project business. The venture business was created to close this gap. It enables us to stay at the cutting edge of technology and at the same time push the boundaries of what is feasible.

Synergies between venture and project business
Investing in ventures enables Deep Impact not only to test pioneering technologies, but also to adapt them, which directly strengthens our expertise in the project business. The resulting technological superiority enables us to successfully realise more complex and innovative projects.

Recruiting and global talent acquisition
Another key advantage of our venture business is Deep Impact’s attractive positioning on the global labour market. Through our commitment to pioneering technologies, we attract top talent who are looking for challenges and want to make a real impact. These talents are brought to Winterthur and bring a fresh, innovative perspective to our company, which also significantly enriches our project business.

Through the venture business, Deep Impact has not only strengthened its technological capabilities, but has also taken a leading role in digital transformation. The continuous development and integration of new technologies gives us a competitive advantage and ensures that our project business benefits from cutting-edge solutions and a first-class development team.