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AMAG – Efficient and customised web solutions for 140 Stop+go partner websites


AMAG, one of Switzerland’s leading car importers and dealers, was faced with the challenge of efficiently managing and updating a large number of Stop+go partner websites. A total of 140 websites had to be created in three different languages. These websites not only had to follow a standardised design, but also reflect the individuality of each Stop+go partner and their specific content. In addition, these websites had to be regularly and fully automatically updated with current data in order to fulfil the high demands for topicality and relevance. An additional requirement was the centralised management and control of all websites via a user-friendly interface.



Work deliverables

UX / UI, software development


UX / UI, Development, Spectra

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The main objective of the project was to create a standardised yet flexible platform for AMAG’s 140 Stop+go partner websites. This platform should make it possible to manage websites centrally and at the same time enable individual customisation for each partner site. Fully automated updating of the websites by importing master data via XML was essential to minimise administrative effort and ensure data integrity.

In addition, the integration of Spectra was to enable the creation and management of specific content for the individual garages as well as the implementation of centrally controlled campaigns via the Seasonal Campaign tool. Another goal was to implement a Google Maps view to make it easy to find the garage locations.

Technical implementation / services:

In order to fulfil AMAG’s requirements, a highly integrated and scalable system was developed based on state-of-the-art web technologies. The core components and technical solutions at a glance:

Central design and customisation:
A centralised design system was developed that forms the basis for all Stop+go partner websites. This design system ensures that all websites look uniform and professional, while individual customisation is possible through the integration of XML master data from AMAG.

Each website is automatically updated with specific data such as opening hours, contact information and special offers through the XML import.

Integration of Spectra:

The connection to Spectra makes it possible to create and manage specific content for each garage. This includes, for example, information on available vehicle models, special promotions or service offers.

Centralised campaigns can be planned and implemented via the Seasonal Campaign tool. This ensures that all Stop+go partner websites present consistent and up-to-date campaign information.

Centralised administration via AMAG Admin:
A user-friendly administration interface, AMAG-Admin, has been developed to allow centralised control and configuration of all Stop+go partner websites. Administrators can use this interface to manage content, plan campaigns and customise the website structure.

The AMAG Admin interface offers extensive reporting and analysis functions to monitor and optimise the performance of individual websites.

Automated data updating and Google Maps integration:
Thanks to the fully automated XML import, all Stop+go partner websites are regularly supplied with up-to-date data. This minimises the administrative effort and ensures that the information is always up-to-date and correct.
The integration of Google Maps makes it easy for users to find the locations of individual garages. Each website is linked to the geo-locations of the respective garage, making it easy to navigate and search for locations.


By implementing this highly integrated system, AMAG has been able to significantly streamline the management and updating of its 140 Stop+go partner websites. The uniform design basis ensures that all websites look professional and consistent, while customisation through XML import takes into account the specific needs of individual garages. Spectra integration and the Seasonal Campaign tool allow specific content and centralised campaigns to be managed and presented effectively.

The user-friendly AMAG admin interface offers a centralised control option and simplifies administration considerably. Automated data updating and Google Maps integration contribute to the user-friendliness and up-to-dateness of the websites.


The ‘Stop+go’ project for AMAG is an outstanding example of the successful implementation of a highly complex, centrally controlled web platform with individual customisability. The technical excellence and innovative solutions implemented in this project have not only provided AMAG with a harmonised digital presence, but have also significantly increased the efficiency and flexibility in the management of its Stop+go partner websites.

Centralised management via the AMAG admin interface, automated data updates and seamless integration of specific content and campaigns via Spectra make this system a powerful tool for AMAG’s digital future.

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