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The Julius Baer Mobile Community App

Project overview

Julius Baer Bank (BJB), a renowned Swiss private bank with a broad range of financial services, faces the challenge of remaining relevant in an ever-changing financial landscape. To strengthen customer loyalty and tap into new target groups, BJB has developed an innovative mobile app.

This app aims to revolutionize the customer experience by offering tailored functions for different user groups. The aim was to create a platform that not only encourages engagement, but also allows customers to create their own content and exchange ideas in various communities. The app’s core features include a trip planner, recommendations, stories, ask the community, chat and discussions.


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Work results

UI / UX design, development


Mobile App

01 Challenges

The development of the app presented several challenges, including the bank’s high security requirements, the establishment of multiple communities within the same app, and the “invitation-only” principle for members. These challenges required careful planning and implementation to meet the bank’s high standards while providing a user-friendly and engaging community platform.

Key features of the app include:

  • Travel Planner: Assisting with travel planning by providing personalized recommendations.
  • Recommendations: Exchanging personal recommendations for services and experiences.
  • Stories: Allowing customers to share their own experiences and stories.
  • Ask the Community: An interactive forum for questions and answers within the community.
  • Chat: Direct exchange with other users and bank advisors.
  • Discussions: A platform for discussions on various topics.

The development of this app posed several challenges for the team:

  • Compliance with strict security requirements: Implementation of the highest security standards to ensure the protection of sensitive customer data.
  • Integration of multiple communities: Development of an app architecture that allows for the creation and management of different user groups.
  • User-friendly design: Creating an intuitive and appealing user interface that enhances the user experience.

02 Solution approach from Deep Impact

Given the complex requirements of Julius Baer Bank (BJB), Deep Impact developed a customized solution that focused on interactivity and user engagement from the outset. The ambitious project kicked off with an intensive design sprint aimed at creating an initial prototype of the app. This approach made it possible to quickly develop a tangible concept that formed the basis for further development.

To ensure a comprehensive and engaging user experience, the team integrated a variety of social features. These included an innovative chat that enables direct exchange between users and bank advisors, a travel planner that offers individual travel plans and inspiration, and a recommendations system that allows users to exchange personal recommendations. An Explorer Map and a Likes system encouraged interaction and the discovery of new content within the app. These features were specifically designed to strengthen the community aspects of the app and promote a dynamic network within BJB’s various target groups.

Die technische Umsetzung der App basierte auf Spectra, einem von Deep Impact entwickelten und hochmodernen Framework, das für seine Flexibilität und Anpassungsfähigkeit bekannt ist. Spectra bietet nicht nur eine robuste Basis für die Entwicklung von Mobile Apps, sondern garantiert auch die Einhaltung höchster Sicherheitsstandards, die für Finanzinstitute wie die Julius Baer Bank unerlässlich sind. Die Integration von CI/CD-Prozessen (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) der BJB war ein weiterer kritischer Aspekt des Projekts, der eine nahtlose und effiziente Implementierung der App ermöglichte.

By combining these technical solutions with a deep understanding of end-user needs, Deep Impact was able to create an app that not only met BJB’s expectations, but also ushered in a new era of digital customer interaction for the bank. The extensive community features and Spectra’s technological foundation combine to create an innovative platform that enables BJB to communicate with and engage its customers in a unique way.

03 Innovative milestone for Julius Baer Bank (BJB)

Julius Baer Bank (BJB) has opted for a cloud solution for the first time, a significant step in its IT strategy that demonstrates its readiness for technology adoption for enhanced client services. Deep Impact, as technology partner, secured the adoption of this technology by delivering Spectra as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

This decision allows the bank to take advantage of cloud technologies such as flexibility, scalability and security, while Deep Impact is responsible for maintenance and update management. The implementation of Spectra underlines Julius Baer’s confidence in Deep Impact’s ability to deliver secure and advanced digital solutions and marks a pivotal moment in the bank’s digital transformation.

04 Results

The result is a multifunctional mobile app that offers Julius Baer Bank clients and prospects unique opportunities to connect, share content and benefit from the recommendations of other community members. The app encourages engagement through personalized experiences and strengthens the relationship between the bank and its clients.

By taking security, usability and community building into account, Deep Impact has created an app that meets Julius Baer Bank’s high standards and sets a new standard for customer engagement in the financial industry.

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