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Mobile ID – A milestone for secure digital authentication


In a world where digitalization is advancing inexorably, companies and private individuals are faced with the challenge of conducting digital transactions securely and in compliance with the law.

Swisscom Trust Services has recognized this challenge and, in collaboration with Deep Impact and Futurae Technologies AG, has developed Mobile ID – a two-factor authentication solution that enables simple and secure online identity verification.



Work deliverables

UX / UI, software development


UX / UI, Software development

Website Mobile ID

The challenge

Swisscom Trust Services commissioned Deep Impact to develop a dashboard that customers can use to manage their Mobile ID. The aim was to create a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily manage their authentication method – whether via a SIM card or the newly developed smartphone app.

Our approach

Deep Impact and Swisscom Trust Services have a long-standing partnership that has already seen them work on various projects such as the Mobile ID website and various applications. For the dashboard project, a comprehensive competitive analysis was carried out, personas and user journeys

journeys were created and initial design studies developed. The aim was to create a platform that meets the needs of both end customers and partners and provides them with the information they need.

The solution approach

Through data-based user experience decisions and the use of A/B testing, user feedback and heat maps, the activation rate of Mobile ID in Switzerland was increased by more than 600% within a year.

A key success factor was the development of a consistent design system, which included the improvement of call-to-action elements and clear target group segmentation.


With the international expansion of Swisscom Trust Services, the project entered a new phase. The launch of a smartphone app to support authentication outside Switzerland was a core element of this strategy.

The MyMobileID user dashboard allows customers to view their Mobile ID information, switch between authentication methods or recover their password.

Through rapid prototyping and design sprints, a user-friendly dashboard was developed within a few weeks, allowing users to manage their Mobile ID intuitively.


The result is an innovative dashboard that offers users a central point of contact for managing their Mobile ID.

Customers can now choose their authentication method, reset passwords or order new SIM cards – a major step towards greater security in the digital world.


The development of Mobile ID and the associated dashboard is a prime example of successful collaboration and innovation.

Swisscom Trust Services, Deep Impact and Futurae Technologies AG have jointly created a solution that not only makes digital authentication more secure, but also prioritizes user-friendliness.

This project underlines the importance of partnerships that speak the same language in a rapidly evolving market with ambitious growth targets.

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