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AMAG – A digital revolution for over 600 dealer websites


In an ambitious project with Deep Impact, AMAG set itself the goal of redesigning the digital presence of over 600 dealers in Switzerland.

The aim of this project was to create individual websites for each dealer that not only follow the strict corporate identity/corporate design (CI/CD) guidelines of the Volkswagen Group, but also ensure that all vehicle model data is updated on a daily basis.


amag AG

Work deliverables

UI / UX design, software development, prototyping


Software Development

The challenges of this project were varied and complex

Brand-Conforming Design:
One of the main tasks was to strictly design each dealer website according to the CI/CD guidelines of the Volkswagen Group, ensuring a uniform brand presentation across all dealers.

Integration of All Brands into Spectra:
Deep Impact faced the challenge of developing a publishing engine that allowed for adequate representation and management of all brands. This required a flexible and powerful platform that met the specific requirements.

Timeliness of Model Data:
Ensuring the relevance and accuracy of content through daily updates of model data for all brands posed a particular challenge. Since Volkswagen did not provide direct interfaces, Deep Impact had to rely on innovative scraping technologies to extract data daily from over 600 websites.

Management of Promotions:
In addition to central promotion management by AMAG, dealers should be able to capture and manage their own individual promotions for their websites. This required a flexible and user-friendly solution.

Complex Dealer Structure:
The distinction between sales and service dealers within the AMAG group added an extra layer of complexity. The system had to seamlessly handle this distinction.

Onboarding of New Dealers:
The system had to be designed so that onboarding new dealers could be done with just a few clicks to ensure quick and efficient integration.

Custom Dealer Websites:
Creating individual websites for each dealer while considering their specific needs and requirements was a crucial part of the project.

Solution approach

Deep Impact developed a state-of-the-art platform using the Spectra Publishing Engine, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of AMAG and its contractual partners. This platform provided a comprehensive solution for the challenges mentioned above:

CI/CD-Conforming Website Design:
With Spectra’s flexible adaptability, Deep Impact was able to design each dealer website according to strict CI/CD guidelines.

Daily Updating of Model Data:
Through scraping technologies, data from over 600 pages was extracted daily to ensure the timeliness of data across all dealer sites.

Individual and Central Promotion Management:
The platform allowed AMAG to effectively manage central promotions while enabling dealers to create and maintain their own promotions for their websites.


The project resulted in the successful implementation of over 600 individual dealer websites, which not only offer unparalleled data timeliness, but are also fully compliant with the Volkswagen Group’s CI/CD. The solution greatly simplified content management and increased the efficiency and effectiveness of AMAG dealers’ online communication.


The collaboration between AMAG and Deep Impact impressively demonstrates how a digital revolution in the automotive industry was made possible through the development of a customized, scalable and advanced platform. This project has not only sustainably improved the way dealers and brands interact and communicate, but has also set a new standard for digital dealership presence.

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