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Mobimo – A new online home


A new digital home has been created for Mobimo, one of the most important real estate companies in Switzerland. Mobimo’s passion for high-quality living spaces is now also reflected online, thanks to the implementation of the Spectra platform.

This step not only enabled the visual and functional enhancement of their web presence, but also the seamless integration of market-relevant data through the connection to various source systems.



Work deliverables

UX / UI, software development, design sprint


UX / UI, Design Sprint

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The challenge

The task was to adapt the sophisticated design of a renowned Zurich communications agency for the web. The task was to meet the requirements for responsiveness and user-friendliness while at the same time realizing the design in the Spectra environment with new features and text styles.

A particular challenge was the integration of 15 plugins, including flipboards, flip coins and panorama sliders, which present Mobimo’s content in a lively way.


  • Development of New Features for the Spectra Editor: By expanding the Spectra Editor with 15 powerful plugins, dynamic content such as flipboards and panoramic sliders could be integrated. These features enable an interactive user experience and bring Mobimo’s design to life.
  • Integration of Interfaces: Connecting various source systems allowed for the display of real-time data such as stock prices and real estate portfolios. Additionally, ad-hoc communications and social media news were integrated to enrich the website with current information.
  • Search Functionality with Autosuggest: An extensive search function makes it easier for users to find relevant information. Complemented by a document archive, the website provides added value through easy access to important documents.

Agile project implementation

The project was implemented using agile methods based on Scrum. The Deep Impact team worked closely with Mobimo in 14-day sprints to develop, test and implement features.

This iterative approach enabled flexible adaptation to new requirements and ensured efficient and targeted project implementation.


The result is a modern, user-friendly website that reflects Mobimo’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The new online presence not only offers an improved user experience through interactive elements and up-to-date data integration, but also provides a solid platform for Mobimo’s future digital strategy.


The successful collaboration between Mobimo and Deep Impact AG demonstrates how creative solutions, technical expertise and agile project management can create an outstanding digital experience.

Mobimo’s new website serves as a benchmark for the real estate industry and underscores the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital world.

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