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Comparis & Deep Impact AG

Dismantling of technology legacy

Background, der führende Online-Vergleichsdienst in der Schweiz, ist eine wesentliche Anlaufstelle für Verbraucher, die Dienstleistungen und Produkte vergleichen möchten.

With close to 80 million visitors annually, Comparis faces the challenge of continuously optimizing its digital presence to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital landscape.

Faced with this challenge, Comparis decided to partner with Deep Impact AG, a specialist in modern web technologies and strategic digital transformations.



Work deliverables

Software development


Software development

Problem definition

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and companies must continuously update their technologies to remain competitive. Comparis faced several specific challenges:

  1. Adapting to Google’s Mobile First Index: The need to optimize SEO performance by prioritizing the website for mobile devices.
  2. Overcoming Outdated Frontend Technologies: The existing technology platform was outdated, hindering Comparis from improving its efficiency and user experience.
  3. Lack of Internal Know-How: There was a lack of expertise to sensibly renew the frontend technology while simultaneously preparing developers for the new technology.

Solution approach

Deep Impact AG was selected as a partner for Comparis due to its extensive experience and expertise in modern web technologies to assist in addressing these challenges. The solution approach encompassed several key areas:

  1. Technical Support and Optimization: Deep Impact conducted a comprehensive performance analysis to strengthen the technical foundation of the website, particularly for optimizing Google’s Mobile First Indexing. The aim was to enhance overall SEO performance.
  2. Legacy Technology Decommissioning: Through close collaboration, outdated technologies were identified and replaced with modern, more efficient solutions. This significantly improved the agility and responsiveness of the website.
  3. Developer Training: A central element was training Comparis developers in the new technology, particularly React. Through intensive workshops and a practical “Learning by Doing” model, developers were trained during implementation, enabling them to immediately apply the acquired knowledge.


The collaboration between Comparis and Deep Impact AG resulted in significant improvements:

  • Increased Performance and Better SEO Rankings: Adjustments for Mobile-First indexing contributed to improving SEO performance.
  • Modernized Frontend: Replacing outdated technologies with modern solutions made the website more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Trained Development Team: Comparis developers were successfully trained in modern technologies and are now better equipped to tackle future digital challenges.

Future outlook

Deep Impact AG looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with Comparis by providing ongoing support and advice on technology issues. This project demonstrates the potential of close collaboration between technology partners and clients to revolutionize digital presences and prepare them for the future.


This case study illustrates how strategic partnerships, technical expertise and targeted training initiatives are driving the digital transformation of companies like Comparis.

By focusing on mobile-first SEO, dismantling legacy technologies and upskilling internal teams, Deep Impact AG provides a comprehensive solution that outperforms traditional technical support and ensures sustainable success.

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