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Rupert – Collaboration platform for the fashion industry


In the dynamic world of the fashion industry, collaboration between different players is crucial for success. Rupert was developed with the aim of strengthening the freelance economy and optimizing production in the area of marketing.

This platform serves as a global tool that not only simplifies the production planning and execution process, but also enables a seamless connection to SAP.



Work Deliverables

UX / UI, Software Development


UX / UI, Software development

Rupert: The collaboration platform

Rupert was developed specifically for the creative industries and offers all the necessary modules for planning and executing a production involving all parties – from order inquiry to invoicing.

The fashion and creative industries have joined the digital revolution. With our Rupert platform, we support the networking of various individual players who want to work together.

An all too familiar problem

The organization of a photo shoot by an agent is a well-known example. He books a studio, photographers, models, a make-up artist, technicians, a hotel, a driver and a photo editor – all over the phone.

These arrangements are time-consuming, especially if the shoot is postponed. In the end, all the service providers involved have to submit their invoices, which also take a lot of time to process.

Modules from Rupert

To arrange a photoshoot, the agent books all necessary service providers by phone. This process is not only time-consuming but becomes even more complicated when the shoot is rescheduled.

After the shoot, each service provider presents an invoice for processing and payment, adding additional time-consuming tasks.

  • Customer management
  • Management of internal and external resources
  • Entry of production data
  • Entry of budget specifications
  • Budget approval
  • Resource planning
  • Notification of production changes
  • Online call sheet
  • Budget control
  • Invoicing for services

By creating a platform that integrates all processes from order request through budgeting, planning, execution, and invoicing, we have significantly simplified the workflow.
Photographers and models can plan their availability using online scheduling. All parties automatically receive notifications of schedule changes. And the traditional call sheet is no longer needed.


With this platform, we have increased efficiency in the fashion industry and given our clients more control over their budgets, schedules and resources.

The Rupert collaboration platform not only simplifies processes, but also promotes collaboration in the creative industry by providing a central point of contact for the planning and execution of productions.

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