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Deal Estate: No. 1 for online trading in investment properties


In the dynamic segment of the real estate market, Deal Estate, a visionary start-up, has launched a transformative online platform specifically designed to meet the needs of institutional investors.

This platform represents a radical simplification and increase in transparency in the entire real estate transaction process – an area that was previously characterized by its complexity and lack of transparency.



Work deliverables

UI / UX design, software development, prototyping, design sprint


Software Development, Business Development

Challenge: Complexity in the real estate transaction process

Traditionally, the sales process for high-value properties – those valued at well over 10 million Swiss francs – is a complex undertaking that requires intensive coordination and expertise.

From the preparation and distribution of the sales documents to the management of the invitation process and sales phases through to the actual conclusion of the contract, this process has so far been firmly in the hands of estate agents and their networks.

Solution approach: Digital transformation through Spectra

Deal Estate’s answer to this challenge is a digital revolution: a platform enabled by the innovative Spectra technology platform that redefines the traditional role of the estate agent.

This platform allows sellers to list their properties independently, manage and share relevant documents digitally, create non-binding offers (NBO) and binding offers (BO), and conduct auctions transparently and efficiently.

Deep Impact’s contribution to the digital revolution

Deep Impact played a crucial role in the conception and implementation of this platform. The company was not only responsible for the development of the prototype that optimizes the sales process, but also for the creation of a new corporate identity/corporate design (CI/CD), the web design and the technical implementation based on Spectra.

This comprehensive solution shows how modern technologies can simplify real estate sales and make them more transparent and efficient for all parties involved.

A milestone in the real estate industry

Deal Estate is establishing itself as a pioneer in the world of institutional real estate investments. By digitizing the entire transaction process, the platform offers an efficient, secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional sales processes.

In Deal Estate, institutional investors find a platform that enables them to process complex real estate transactions with just a few clicks – an innovation that will have a lasting impact on the market.

Additional features and added value of the platform

    • Case Studies: Deal Estate provides detailed case studies that illustrate the benefits of the platform through concrete numbers and success stories.
    • Technology Insights: A technical whitepaper offers deep insights into the architecture and technologies used by the platform.
    • Customer Testimonials: Reviews from institutional investors who have successfully utilized Deal Estate highlight the user-friendliness and efficiency of the platform.
    • Market Data and Statistics: The platform provides relevant market data and statistics that emphasize the significance and potential of Deal Estate in the institutional real estate investment market.


Deal Estate represents more than a mere online platform; it is a revolution in the real estate market that has the potential to fundamentally change the way institutional investors operate. By combining cutting-edge technology, deep expertise and a relentless focus on efficiency and transparency, Deal Estate is paving the way for a new era in real estate investing.

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