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Digitalization in the building materials sector through for Holcim


Holcim (Schweiz) AG, a pioneer in the production of concrete, gravel and cement, has taken the lead in the industry by implementing sustainable construction solutions and pursuing the goal of offering climate-neutral building materials by 2050.

The challenge of digitizing complex sales processes and ensuring seamless integration of different systems was at the heart of the development of by Deep Impact.



Work deliverables

UX / UI, software development, design sprint


UX / UI, Design Sprint

The challenge

Historically evolved sales processes in the building materials trade are inherently complex and were previously completely offline-oriented. The requirement to offer products with variable prices and conditions depending on the application made digitalization even more difficult. Holcim was faced with the task of simplifying these processes, increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

The solution

Deep Impact developed a four-phase innovative solution that revolutionized digital commerce in the construction materials sector.

  1. Online Shop for OTC Products: The first step was the introduction of an online shop that allowed customers to easily and efficiently order standard products.
  2. SAP Integration for Contract Customers: The second phase involved the development of an online shop with direct SAP integration, enabling contract customers to receive personalized prices and conditions.
  3. Logistics Integration: The third phase connected the online shop with logistical processes, optimizing the planning and execution of deliveries.
  4. Construction Site Planner for Site Managers: The fourth phase introduced a mobile app for site managers, enabling them to place orders directly from the construction site and meet just-in-time requirements.

Technical complexity:

The biggest challenge was integrating different systems and ensuring seamless functionality. The close connection to Holcim’s SAP system enabled precise pricing and individualized configuration for each construction site. Developing a user-friendly platform that is accessible on all devices required a deep technical understanding and an innovative approach.

Recognition by the Best of Swiss Web Award

The platform, a pioneering project by Deep Impact, received the gold medal in the Business category at the Best of Swiss Web Award 2019. This award reflects the innovative approach and high standard of digital transformation that Deep Impact has set in the building materials trade. The award underlines the importance of seamless digitalization in traditional industries and recognizes the platform as an outstanding example of digital excellence and customer-centric solutions.

Expansion in Germany

Following its success in Switzerland, the platform underwent significant expansion and was implemented in both Holcim Germany South and Holcim Germany North.

This strategic expansion demonstrates the flexibility and scalability of Deep Impact’s digital solution. The platform’s adaptability to different market requirements and conditions shows that digital innovations in the building materials trade have cross-border potential and can increase efficiency and customer focus throughout the industry.


The platform has not only improved efficiency and accessibility for customers, but has also accelerated the digital transformation at Holcim. The steadily growing number of orders and the positive response from users confirm the success of the digitalization strategy.

Contribution from Deep Impact

Deep Impact played a crucial role in the strategy development, web design, UX design and technical implementation of the platform. The close collaboration with Holcim and the integration of digital marketing contributed significantly to the visibility and success of the platform.


The development of is a prime example of the successful digitalization of complex business processes. By implementing a user-friendly, technically sophisticated solution, Holcim was able to strengthen its market position and take an important step towards a sustainable future.

Deep Impact once again proved its expertise in digital transformation and set new standards in the building materials trade.

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